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We strive to keep an excellent quality standard and that is the symbol of our company.

  • Quality is the most import part of growth of any industry and we understand the value of same, Trinity Industries has set stringent quality management system which deliver effective, efficient Products.


  • Our team consistently monitors the stage wise each aspect of product and production processes, each day they put efforts harder and harder to make an improvement in the quality of products for customer delight.


  • We always ensure that the customers receive their orders with proper and accurate supporting documents along with the products. Our customers rely on us for timely performance, quality products, and effective follow-up.


  • All our products are fully traceable to the original forging lot and raw material heat. All the materials are procured from renowned manufacturers and tested against the raw material test certificate. Testing is done to confirm chemical, mechanical, physical, and other tests as required in an approved laboratory and is verified in co-relation with the manufacturer's test certificate.


  • We manufacture all our products according to international standards in accordance with ASTM, ASME, API, DIN, EN & other applicable Industry Codes & Specifications. Our quality team is always in the learning process of new standards and specifications and upgrades the manufacturing methods as per the new industry norms and requirements of the customers.

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